Big Rings

There are countless models of rings available made with some of the most amazing and expensive materials but this doesn’t always mean that they are fashionable. Granted, if you want to look glamorous, then a golden ring with a big stone would do the trick but there are also other ways that can help you get a great look and not be as expensive. Rings are also classified depending on their size, and this season, it is all about the big rings.

 Big Ring

Don’t think that size means a big diamond; it can even be made of plastic as long as it has a nice color and fits well with the rest of the outfit. Handmade jewelry is always a good option because they are unique and you can even ask the artist to have one made especially for you. This means that there are infinite options available and colors that would amaze you. Big rings are very popular amongst celebrities and just by opening a fashion magazine, you will find some great examples.

When talking about big rings, don’t think about those four finger rings that rappers used to wear in the `90s, these are much more elegant and not really made to blind everyone around it. The simple rule is that the ring should be bigger than the finger it stands on and the color is usually chosen depending on the outfit. Big, bold rings can be found with silver, gold or steel base and with every design imaginable from flowers to hearts and to big stones.

Of course, the biggest fashion designers in the field can also offer you some amazing rings that can fit into this category. These are more expensive than the handmade ones but they do offer a certain bragging aspect that simple rings simply cannot. Big rings are a great way to express what you feel and show everyone your style with something as subtle as a ring but as noticeable as anything else in your outfit.