Care for Fashion Clothes

Cotton clothes. Colored cotton clothes should not be washed at a temperature higher than 60° C; the fine colored cotton fabrics – at 40° C. For laundering white cotton clothes, use a universal detergent for colored clothes, which does not contain bleach. Using the dryer can cause damage, shrinkage up to two sizes or stretching the fabric, so it is not recommended. This error can be corrected, but not completely, by using a steam iron and manual stretching. The dryer is an obstacle for the long life of your cotton robe. Cotton clothes dry for a relatively long period of time. The most appropriate way to dry them is to hang them vertically after laundering. If you want to wear a shirt, but it is slightly wet, you can dry it with the delicate mode of the iron for wool clothes. An important tip is not to iron the cotton clothes to their full drying condition. Cotton clothing can be dried in dryers, but remember that they have the opportunity to shrink a few sizes.

Wool clothes. The best is to wash the wool garments by hand with special conditioners for wool. The maximal water temperature should be up to 30° C. As a rule, the wool needs more space and water to be washed, so it is good to use bigger container. If your washing machine has a program for delicate fabrics with a temperature up to 30° C, you may use it for wool as well. However, leave space in the machine and not put too much wool clothes inside. The best way to dry wool pullovers and other garments is over a horizontal cloth. Avoid vertical drying. Never use dryers or heaters, to place the garment on top of them, as the wool will be burnt. Wool clothes may be ironed, but on a lighter mode and using vapor.

Silk clothes. Silk is one of the finest and delicate material for clothing and therefore it needs very special care. You have to wash it only buy hand at a maximal temperature of the water of 30° C. Better use special detergents for fine fabrics: it could be the same conditioner as for wool clothes, as both wool and silk fibers are protein fibers. Silk blouses or other garments should not be rubbed or twist, as silk is very weak in wet conditions. Dip the silk clothes first on hot and than on cold water for good rinsing. After washing, the silk garment is better to be soaked briefly in cold water with some vinegar in it: the vinegar will return the brightness and color of the fabric. Silk is easily maintained in the following manner: place water in the bathtub, add a quarter cup of vinegar in the water and dip the silk clothes inside for one hour. Then discard water, rinse the fabric in water at room temperature, very gently squeeze the garments and dry them with a dry cloth. It is best to place them in a horizontal position on a towel. Do not expose silk clothes to dry on direct sunlight, as they lose strength. Silk fabrics are ironed only by using the iron mode “silk”.