Children Clothing 2015

We only have little time until 2015 comes along and we should definitely prepare for the new trends. Children will absolutely love the new colors that have been prepared by designers for this year. Let’s see what the major trends are and how awesome the new children’s clothes will be.

2015 children fashion

Prints, patterns and the animal kingdom

It seems that all kinds of prints, from geometric prints to animal prints, are going to be in the next season. Also, colors that are more natural, such as soft beige, latte or earthy browns are the best picks for these materials. Basically, everything that reminds you of animal skin is a great addition to your children’s dresser when it comes to animal prints. The more natural, the better.

Frozen, cool and icy

Maybe its the new Frozen movie or simply the love for frosty things that has made designers sure about the new colors. Teal green, icy blue, light blue, mint or other similar colors are definitely in and children will look lovely in these. Also in are the faded colors that draw attention to certain elements on the outfit. Don’t forget about darker blue colors such as navy blue as in combination with more frosty colors like alabaster can lead to a great contrast.

Pop Art Themes

Adolescents and children will love the new pop art influences they will find on the shelves during next season. The lovely colors mixed with wonderful patterns and very bright color palettes are just perfect for children. The materials are also very comfortable and will allow your child free movement.

Romantic and feminine athletic style

There is another great trend that children and parents will love and it involves a more athletic style with a more feminine touch. Girls will find a wide variety of sportswear in the following year that has many elements that are very chic. Things like lace or satins are something people don’t find very often in their sports clothing but they will definitely look superb when combined with lovely colors like baby blue, pink or peach.

Gypsy style

The Gypsy style is also desirable for the new season with lovely colors and flowing bohemian dresses. Little girls will look absolutely adorable wearing so many colors, flowers and intricate materials, just like little princesses. To obtain this look you will need a bunch of long necklaces, a few flowers for the hair, long colorful skirts, crocheted tops or dimensional dresses.