Chino Pants – Comfortable and Chic

When you are looking for something comfortable and easy to wear both at the office or even during a date, the chino pants are definitely the right option. These cool pants have been very popular lately among both sexes because they are extremely easy to wear and make for a very simple outfit.  But there’s more about chino pants than meets the eye, as they have great history behind them.


Chino pants get their name from Chino cloth which is a fabric that was originally made entirely from cotton at the middle of the 19th century. The name of the cloth actually means toasted, which resembles the original color of the pants, a brownish darker shade. Nowadays, unfortunately, the pants are mostly made out of a blend between cotton and other synthetic materials, making them more affordable but also less comfortable. However, they still manage to be some of the most comfortable fashion items out there.

Chino fabric was developed initially for the British and French military uniforms, as it was a good material to be worn for longer periods of time. Soon it became very popular in the U.S when American Spanish war veterans returned to the States. The main advantage of this material and the pants made out of chino fabric was the fact that it could be worn for a very long time without much wear and tear signs. Also, they were very practical both for the troops at war and later for people who adopted this style, especially hard laborers who needed something comfortable that gave them enough room to perform physical tasks and something that can’t be easily worn down.

But they have changed quite a lot since then and nowadays men are enjoying a great variety of colors and fabric thickness making these pants great for all seasons. Even if they are extremely popular among men, women started wearing them too, especially for more casual looks that require less discomfort and less time spent in front of the mirror.

Here you can find really cool chino pants that come in a big variety of colors and patterns.