Cocktail Ring

If you haven’t heard of a cocktail ring, you most surely saw one in your life. Cocktail rings are those rings that are sparkly and big. They are extremely elegant and sometimes very expensive. However, they are an essential piece of jewelry and every woman must own one. These rings gained quite the popularity in the 40’s and 50’s when cocktail parties were also extremely popular. A word to describe these rings is probably the word “glamorous”. They have big stones, they are incredibly sparkly and they are almost every time very colorful. However, despite the fact that they might sound a bit exaggerated, they are actually a great addition to your outfit.


If you wear the proper cocktail ring to a party, you will surely impress. Actually, the ring alone will make the good impression, you don’t even need to dress exceptional. But you will have to choose it carefully. Cheap looking rings are definitely out of the question. Also, rings that are extremely big will not inspire great taste. The cocktail ring should be big but it shouldn’t cover three of your fingers. If you want to choose a timeless ring, you will have to probably go with diamond and pearls, these rings will last forever and they will also look fabulous. If you don’t have enough money for that type of ring, you should at least choose a ring that has semi-precious stones. A cute pattern like a flower or a geometric shape is perfect and it creates a chic look, especially if you want your ring to be a little more unique.

In the end, the cocktail ring is a very important accessory that should be taken seriously, especially if you want to match your jewelry with a beautiful cocktail dress. It is also a safe and classic alternative when it comes to accessorize your outfit for a party.