Colors of the Clothes

Do you sometimes have difficulties in choosing the color for your clothes? Do you wandering how to combine the colors of different clothing pieces? Are you sure which color fits best to your skin or eyes without trying it? Can you easily choose a new color for your hair?

It is not easy to find out the color palette, which is most appropriate for you hair, skin, and eyes. However, when you know the basic color, it is much easier to select clothing, accessories, make up and even to determine which is the best new color for your hair. The colors, which are wrong for your personality, can make you feel bad, insecure and, at the end, to keep under your self-confidence.

The truth is that fashion trends or the wrong opinions of friends or relatives can help you to make wrong decisions about the colors of your clothes. The result is that you are divided into yourself and other influencing factors when it is time for selection of pieces of clothing or make-up. This happens very often when you are not sure enough on your personal style and colors.

Colors of your personality can be divided into four types. Professional designers name these types as the seasons: winter, spring, autumn, and summer. These types depend on the color of the skin mainly: milk chocolate for spring, porcelain for summer, ivory for autumn and pink or olive for winter.

How to determine your best color palette? It is simple: make a color test. Get as much as possible clothing of different colors or simple pieces of fabrics and scarves. The most important is they to be in a single color only. The trick here is not to confuse the shades of colors you like with these that look really good next to your skin. Better invite two or three friends and make the test together. Let them vote for every color and shade: for sure you will be surprised how good you will look with rejected till the moment colors.

Let’s take, for example, the brawn color. It goes well to all people. However, there are a lot of shades of brawn and all of them are suitable for all skins. Warm yellow brawn shades are suitable for an ivory skin, whilst women with milk chocolate type of skin must select the golden brawn shade. Dark brawn is the best choice for women with olive skin and these with porcelain skin – pink brawn shade.

There are two other colors that fit well to every woman: white and black. However, the rule for different type of shades is valid here as well. If the white makes your porcelain skin to have an unhealthy look, think about white with pink or gray shadow. Blonde women with light skin have usually difficulties in wearing black: in this case better go for darker shade of gray or black mélange. A very nice trick is to have always something white next to face: pearl necklace or white scarf.