Fashion is constantly changing every day there is some new trend; so many trends come and disappear quickly only to appear later on with an even greater flair. The corset is just such a fashion trend that has made a return appearance in recent years.

Believe it or not corsets were first used by both men and women; in order to define their abdomen. Later during the Victorian era women chose to wear a corset to give an hourglass shape to their body.


What exactly is a corset? It is a type of garment that gives the illusion of a slimmer body by creating a thinner waistline and makes your bust appear fuller. It is also used as a sexy form of lingerie; some versions of corsets can also be worn as outerwear for many occasions.

If you want to wear a corset as casual wear then there are endless options available; you can pair your corset top with a nice pair of cutoff jeans.

The biggest occasion that a woman would wear a corset for is the day she gets married. Yes, a corset wedding dress is one of the hottest trends among today’s brides-to-be. This style of wedding dress can offer a unique and fresh, young look.

You can also use a corset for your wedding if you are in need of a figure correcting dress for your big day. You can opt for a lacey version or a lace-free dress with invisible zippers.

For instance, picking out a blood red lacy corset top is considered tacky unless you don’t mind being called tacky. If not then you need to go for vibrant colors or any one of a thousand color combinations.

Have fun with the look and the different combinations you can make with a corset.