Designer Earmuffs

Earmuffs can seem like a really common item but a lot of people have created a fashion item out of it. They were incredibly fashionable in the 90’s and nowadays they seem to have regained their popular status. But we are not talking about your average earmuffs here, we are talking about cool, expensive and outrageous earmuffs.

Designer Earmuffs

You can find earmuffs in almost every store out there but the beautifully crafted earmuffs can be usually found at Macy’s, Burberry and even UGGS. There are even more brands that come with cool earmuffs and even independent designer will create amazing earmuffs for your fashionista needs. The cool thing about earmuffs is the fact that besides being pretty they are also very functional so whenever you want to feel a bit warmer and you feel like the cold weather is a bit too much, having a pair of these is the right thing. You can keep them in your bag and they will prove useful with any type of outfit as long as it is more casual.

Combining earmuffs with various pieces of clothing is not a tough job. You can easily wear them with trousers or jeans and they also work well with various skirts and even with more casual dresses. Using a trench coat or your average winter jacket to wear with earmuffs is what people usually do when they want to be warm in the winter. But since your earmuffs are designer earmuffs you can choose something fancy, something created by a designer too in order to complete your cool outfit.

Usually fancy designers will create earmuffs from all kinds of interesting and expensive materials such as cashmere or very warm but expensive pelts. For example, UGG creates earmuffs from shearling which is lambskin and their earmuffs offer great protection but also a lot of comfort while wearing them. Other designers create them with faux fur or warm wool and add different designs to them. You can even custom order your earmuffs if you feel like you want to express yourself with them, from a lot of designers out there who create custom made pieces.