Fashion Wallet

A fashion item doesn’t have to be big but it also doesn’t have to be small, there is actually only one rule when it comes to fashion items and that is pretty obvious, they need to be fashionable. Even a wallet can be considered a fashion item if it is trendy, has a nice design and a famous logo on it. Luxury wallets are actually starting to become very popular and big brands such as Gucci can offer a wide range of wallets for women and men.

 gucci wallet

Men usually prefer the bi-fold models because of their shape and the fact that they can easily fit them in their pocket. Luxury wallets are made from high grade materials, usually leather, and they have a very pleasant design despite the overall shape being the classic one.

Wallets for women are usually bigger and not only do they offer more storage room but they are also more complicated as far as design goes, they are fashion items after all so they need to look a certain way. Golden hardware is a normal thing here because it adds that needed glamour and big fashion designers spend a lot of effort into coming up with amazing new styles and constantly changing the way we see wallets.

As far as the interior goes for luxury wallets, it is pretty basic in the sense that there are compartment for money, slots for cards and sometimes a few more pockets for small things; everything is meant to offer the most out of the small size and they can actually be quite practical and sometimes, they can eliminate the need for a big handbag. Of course, there is no comparison between the two but for a formal event where all you need can fit in a luxury wallet, it might just be the best idea as far as fashion goes. Prices can range around a few hundred dollars, mostly depending on the brand but a luxury wallet is a fashion item that every woman should have.