Full Figured Lingerie

Many women and even young girls with full-figured silhouette are quite depressed, when looking at the small nice pieces of lingerie. Especially when they are over the skinny bodies of top models on the catwalk. Is it possible to be sexy in a lace body or tongs? Or in a G-string? There is only one answer: Yes, it is! Although the female bodies have different size and shape, there are some basic rules in choosing fashion lingerie, which are equal for all.

Full Body Lingerie

The different body curves. Even the top model Elle MacPherson confessed that she didn’t like her breasts! Do not compare your body with the body of models or friends. You are unique! Be honest and assess what in your body is not very attractive. If you have large hip or thighs, better make an accent on your bust. Go for a lingerie of two parts, where the bra forms a cleavage. If you would like to underline your shapely legs instead of the breasts, an empire waist baby doll nighty with sheer short skirt will show exactly what you would like.

The secret support. Celebrities have one big secret, which is well kept: the modern lingerie is a good weapon that covers the problematic places in the figures. The stomach bulge can be minimized, the curvature of the hip can be decreased, everything can be minimized with the proper lingerie type and brand. There are bodysuits (i.e. these by Seamless body), which are designed to support all at ones breasts, hips and stomach. The bodysuits are invisible under clothing and can hel p you to decrease one size of it. There are many brands, which offer minimizers: a bra that decreases the cup size or a brief with high-cut that covers the tummy.

Simple colors. Many women know the rule “Less is more”: do not forget it when you select your lingerie. The monochrome colors can make you look slimmer and taller, which is always a problem for full-figured ladies. Black, brown, navy or burgundy will make you look sexy and with best proportions. A darker bodysuit will make your torso and waist look slimmer, compared with the whiteness of the skin. Although you may like light and “sweaty” colors, forget about pink, red, ivory or yellow. Animal prints and mixture of two or more colors are also forbidden.

Bigger is not better. Many women with massive construction have the habit to use larger sizes than necessary, in order to “escape”. This could be really wrong, as the lager clothes and especially lingerie make you look out of shape. Try to underline the curves you like and to show your personality even when you are half-dressed. If you are conservative, choose lingerie in layers and long gowns. If you are flirt, go for stunning camisoles with lace or elegant embroidery. Other stylish options are longer or shorter soft sateen chemises with slashes in a combination of frilly shorts. The most important is that you should like your body as this is the only way your beloved to like it as well!