Glam Punk

As we all know, fashion always changes and there are some styles in fashion that cannot be overlooked. This  trend has some influences from punk subculture, which make the clothes so fun to wear and very original. Let’s see what elements from punk were used by fashion designers at their fashion shows this year.

The new punk is called glam punk and it combines electric colors with great fabrics, ripped shirts and a look that says “I’m original”.

 Glam Punk

Leather – it seems that leather pants, leather vests, and leather everything is in this year. You can inspire yourself from bikers and buy a leather jacket with straight cuts. If you are against natural leather because of ethical or other reasons, faux leather is your ally. You can even try some leather accessories such as belts, bracelets and even rings or hair accessories. These are a must this year.

Masculine pants – there is a great hysteria about looking more androgynous. Some women look good when wearing this style, others don’t. If you already have a masculine figure, I advise you not to follow this trend because there are many other trends that will enhance your look. For the sweet, innocent looking women androgynous can really be a major change in the way they look. First, if you have feminine figure, you are the best candidate for this look. You can roughen your femininity and turn out to be ravishing and serious. For this look you will need to choose neutral colors but also black and white. Straight, simple cuts and geometrical patterns are another thing that defines this style. With masculine pants, shirts and monochrome pullovers you will definitely achieve this look.

Of course, if you still want to apply this look on yourself, you can choose elements from punk and combine them with other trends. If you know how to combine patters and materials you can create really amazing and original looks. For example, you can choose to combine punk bracelets or ripped T- Shirts with a pair of jeans or a pair of casual pants. This will give you a great urban look especially if you choose colors like kaki, dark grey, brown or dirty pink. There are many things that are borrowed from the punk subculture and we don’t even know about them. For example, slim pants are one item of clothing that was taken from the punk subculture and they definitely are in fashion this year. You can dress however you want, just make sure it suits your figure.