Honeysuckle Dress

When a new fashion season comes, maybe the most important thing is what color will determine its success. Every year, fashion designers choose specific colors for their designs, and every year we embrace them as a part of our own style, our own personality. This year, as it marks new beginnings, a suiting color was needed and honeysuckle is the perfect choice. From the plant that bares the same name, this color is very bright and it does resemble some peach tones combined with purple to get one of the most vibrant colors for this year.


As you now have the color for your outfit, you need to match it with yourself. For this task, you can use soft and warm colorful makeup. This color is not really for those with a white tan so if you plan on wearing it this season, make sure you first get a nice tan to get the perfect overall design.

As for other items, you can use a peach dress with a honeysuckle top or if you plan on something a bit more elegant, you can combine it with a black dress and you will still look amazing.

A white handbag will definitely do the trick as would white shoes. Depending on your style and on the look you want to obtain, this color of the year can also be combined with willow color for a somewhat crazy look.

No matter how you decide to wear it, one thing is for sure, that this color will be seen not only on the latest fashion presentations but also on the streets. It is a great color that can say a lot of things about yourself and will give you the chance to express yourself in a great and fashionable way. Make sure you have it in your wardrobe this year.