How to Wear a Big Watch With Style

These days, women’s wrist watches are getting bigger and bolder by the day. The definition of a big watch is changing as we speak. Men aren’t the only ones who are supposed to wear oversized timepieces with a thick case. Designers are creating innovating designs in unusual shapes and modern colors for the contemporary woman who is always trend-conscious.

The iconic feminine timepieces have been replaced by flashy large case watches with a manly look. Today, if you walk the streets you will spot countless women wearing a sporty oversized watch on their wrist along with a city-chic outfit. This proves that the “boyfriend watch” trend is here to stay and we should know everything about how and when to wear a big watch with style.

An oversized Men’s Watch with a clean and simple outfit.

men watches for women

Believe it or not, the oversized manly looking watch worn by a woman has become a classic jewelry piece. The reason why many modern women prefer men’s watches is their cleaner lines and classier design styled-up with a few color accents. Such a timepiece looks ultra-elegant with an office attire or even with a sophisticated dress. Keep everything clean and simple. You don’t need any glitter and shimmer to look spectacular.

An oversized watch is already a statement. You don’t need to overdo it by wearing a very flashy or extravagant outfit. This is why what you wear with it is extremely important. If you want to be truly elegant then you need to opt for clothes in neutral colors, clean cuts and add on the other wrist a couple of thin and delicate bracelets in various gold colors. This will be a very nice feminine touch.

A gold big watch with casual clothing.
gold watch

Do you want to look feminine and sophisticated each time you go out? Then why not choose your favorite clothing that makes you feel super comfortable and chic, like boyfriend jeans, a white lace blouse, nude shoes and an oversized watch with a white dial and yellow or rose gold case?  Add on the same wrist three or four gemstone bracelets and heads will turn instantly.

A vintage watch with a bohemian outfit

bohemian outfit

If you adore having fun in the city in your spectacular bohemian outfits then consider completing your look with a retro watch.  This style is very simple and extremely gorgeous. Wear a white shirt with a maxi skirt in pink or cream hues, a statement vintage big watch, very large bracelets on the other wrist and a sic head piece.

What NOT To Wear

Even if big watches are so hot right now, oversized doesn’t necessarily mean fashionable. There are many big watches out there that are too tacky or flashy to look at. Avoid anything that looks too overwhelming, complicated or difficult to accessorize. A big watch is already a statement. Its size should be the main design attribute of this piece of jewelry. Any other embellishments may ruin its overall look. The same goes for the clothes you wear with an oversized timepiece. Opt for simple and clean clothing and you will look spectacular.