How To Wear a Modern Kimono

Kimonos have always been mysterious fashion items and whether you like Japanese culture or not you have to agree that there is something charming about kimonos and they make women look extremely delicate and feminine. But the old days of Kimonos that were tight and uncomfortable are gone, nowadays there are modern kimonos and even street kimonos that can be added for a more casual look with a traditional touch. This means that you can wear them with jeans or trousers and pair them up with boots and crazy accessories.

Anna Sui kimono

Modern Kimonos started appearing in the 1930s and since then they became more and more popular in the western world. These have amazingly bright colors, interesting patterns and comfortable silk. However, you can still find modern kimonos that come with interesting patterns such as the traditional flowers or butterflies. Also, there are some artists that managed to create kimonos that were influenced by modern art such as Art Deco, Bauhaus, Cubism and even expressionism. These were really expensive at the time, especially since they were handmade and hand painted.

This transformation of the traditional Japanese kimono made it more available and more affordable for the masses since it started being produced on a larger scale. The kimonos were made with high tech machinery and so they cost less.

The casual kimonos nowadays are made to be shorter and with more striking designs. Also, some of them reveal a lot of skin and most of them look more like dresses and blouses than what kimonos used to look back then. Even modern kimonos that still maintain the traditional length and patters are different than the ones that used to be worn. They require a lot less help from the other people unlike traditional kimonos that needed to be tied at the back.

When it comes to brands there are many places where you can buy your modern or casual kimonos. Anna Sui sells high fashion kimonos that can be worn with everything but you will also find them at River Island, Topshop or New Look. All you have to do is to find something that you can accessorize yourself with nicely.