Look Younger

There is nothing more desperate if a woman tries to look like 20 years girl, when she is 40. But this does not mean, that the fashion is only for young. The important thing  is that over some age the woman should think first and try the new trends taking in mind the changes in her figure and overall look. Here you may find some tips what and how to wear in order to cover your small “imperfections”, whilst underlining the best parts of your figure.


Neckline. If you have nice bust, but you are overweight, the deep neckline can draw the eyes from the “wrong” parts of your body. Long U-neck or V-neck makes your neck look slimmer and longer. Make the fashion trends work for you: place a shirt with bold color to draw the attention to the upper part of your body and wear darker pants or skirts. However, if you are slim and tall, than to show the cleavage is not the best idea. But having such a body type has other advantages: you may wear high neck sweatshirts or scarves and you would never think how to avoid the gazes, fixed in your hips.

Trousers. There are several articles that suggest to women over 50 to wear cropped pants. The truth is that only few ladies may look good in capris or other 7/8 length pants. Unless you have really slim and tall figure, the cropped pants make you look fatter and shorter. The new season’s trend for flared legs is a big opportunity for women with larger hips. Long leg trousers with flared legs will make you look slimmer, without stressing on the difference between the overweigh thighs and the slim ankles. Slim ladies will be happy as well, as classic cuts are always on fashion. However, if you have the common problem with wider waist, avoid very slim legs to balance your figure.

Skirts and dresses. If you would like to look elegant or chick, or both of them, forget about the “classical” mid-knee hemline, which is so popular among ladies over 50. This length of the skirt screams: “Look at that old lady!”. If your figure is good for this, better wear skirts with a hemline that is 2 to 4 centimeters above the knee. Make a combination with a very long coat of a light material so as to look as in the 70s. If your knees are not in their best form to be shown, the Boho style is exactly for you. Moreover it is again on top of the fashion trends. Long flared skirts and dresses with a hemline around the ankles is a perfect choice for this season.

Jewelry. All women like diamonds and pearls, but they are made especially for ladies over 50s. You are wondering why? Because they add light to your face, staying so close to it. However, there is a small rule: if you are slim and graceful, diamonds or zirconium will make you shine. Pearls are for ladies with big bones as the pearls are more visible and stay better on bigger figures.