Oversized Fedora Hats

Forget the classic fedora look, it is dead and buried. If you want to stay ahead of the trends and boast with the perfect urban look make sure you get yourself an oversized fedora hat. Just when people thought the hat craze of the last couple of years was over it comes back, bigger bolder and with more presence than ever.

The oversized fedora hat really makes a statement wherever you go so make sure you choose an outfit that matches. It will go great with more casual attire and can even work to some more serious events if combined properly.

fedora hat

Rain or sunshine, winter or summer your oversized fedora will help you block those unwanted UV rays and keep you cool, in more ways than one. A staple of the hipster culture this oversized fedora is perfect for a casual day out. Take it with you for a date, a walk in the park or even while going out at night.

It can be worn with just about anything from swimwear to evening wear and everything in between. While it works in all season, summer is the perfect time to wear your oversized fedora.  The oversized fedora also looks great with long puffy hair so make sure you use a great conditioner. Also the more ostentatious the color of your hair the better it will look. Pink, orange or cherry red hair will really draw attention to your hat and create a fresh, urban look.

Material is also important as it can change the way you accessorize your hat and also its duration. Wool and other natural threads are very comfortable and breathable but tend to cost a bit more. While synthetic mixes cost less and are more durable, they generally come in earth colors or very bland ones. A lot of reddish browns, greys and dark blue tones but if you want to make more of a statement you can get something like neon green or a pastel red or yellow.

They are very useful and versatile hats that actually help you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter while making you look very fashionable and trendy.