Oversized Necklace

When it comes to the world of fashion and fashion accessories, bigger and louder is better this fashion season.

You can get a designer dress, designer shoes, and a handbag; but unless you have accessories to dress it up why even bother getting dressed?

One of the hottest trends in accessories this season is the big, obnoxious and loud necklaces; don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you need to wear a hubcap or hood ornament around your neck (look at Flava Flav and Snoop Dogg) I am talking about actual jewelry.

Remember the necklaces your grandmother used to wear? I actually do remember seeing my grandmother wearing chunky and large necklaces, the latest trend includes lots of large beads, charms, and even leaf designs, the skies the limit to what you can put on a necklace and wear around your neck.

There is actually one necklace I found online that personifies what the trend entails; it is called the 96 tears necklace. You definitely won’t be crying over this gorgeous necklace!

Although it is a tad short of having 96 tears, this large statement necklace consists of a plethora of teardrop shaped gemstones in hues of Emerald, cobalt, lavender, crimson and amber just to name a few.

Wearing this necklace, you’ll feel like there are never enough teardrops to carry on! Adorn it over any little black dress for an outfit that will have other fashionistas eating their hearts out because you found it before they could.

So as I have stated bigger and bolder is better when it comes to the latest and hottest trends in jewelry for the fall/winter 2010 fashion season, so this is definitely something you want to go out and grab and add to your collection of accessories, you’ll be glad you did.