Pantone Color Of The Year

Pantone is one of the rarely talked about but highly important names in world fashion. While it doesn’t actually have any real contact with the world of clothing, Pantone has established the world famous Pantone Matching System also known as PMS. It is a proprietary color space that can be used in any number of fields although fashion and printing are the most often met clients.

With the help of the matching system developed by Pantone, producers across the globe can use the standardized, highly qualitative colors without having to physically trade them between each other.


Pantone has also established itself as one of the major players in the world of color and fashion and is well known for determining the color of the year, each year, and setting an important benchmark for all designer and fashion manufacturers.

Things are no different in 2015, and a year that already has so much promising talent and incredible collections lined up had to have a stunning color assigned; that color is marsala. A color that practically screams elegance and style, marsala is a strong earthy red wine color that can bring out any number of physical traits.

It is an understated but confident color that is automatically the star of any outfit regardless of how small a portion it occupies in the overall look. It can easily be associated with both an intellectual and a passionate atmosphere, creating outfits that show distinction, class and knowledge without being too in your face about it.

The versatility of marsala may be the key to its success as it can work in just about any situation and in any outfit. It can be used on its own, as a strong and confident statement color or it can be a subtle yet un-ignorable accent on an outfit. It will work brilliantly for elegant outfits, creating a special look, one that breaks the pattern of greys, dark blues and blacks. It can also be a good choice for 2015’s casual or urban outfits as it complements the urban environment beautifully.

Other adjectives used to describe marsala are earthy, fulfilling and nurturing. This being said, clothing isn’t the only aspect marsala will be seen in, being a natural for decorating living rooms and kitchens.

Make-up will also have a new dimension in 2015 with marsala as the most important base color. It will bring a new, natural, earthy look, one that will undoubtedly make a huge statement.