Plaid Pants

Latest fashion trends have shown many changes but nothing is better than the classic Plaid Pants that come with great contrasts and make a lovely fashion item for any wardrobe. Whenever you want to look casual and chic with a pair of pants that stands out the plaid pants are what you need. Combined with a cardigan and a cool oversized bag they are the recipe for cool outfit success at work but when combined with a leather belt and a tight T-Shirt they give off that punk look that is so classy. If you want to complete that look just add a pair of colorful boots and a chain to your pants and you are set for the concert.

Plaid Pants

Other ways to combine the plaid pants will make you even more unique. You can get a sort of schoolgirl look with a cool sweater that comes in a neutral style and comfortable shoes. If you want to add some cool color to your outfit you could try wearing a messenger bag in a very light and crazy color. This way you get to have the seriousness of school and the cute touch of your bag.

Another interesting look that can be obtained by combining plaid pants with other fashion items is by adding a jacket and a simple elegant bag along with a pair of stilettos. This way you could go to the office and be sure that you will have that classy look with a twist. Accessorize yourself with simple jewelry and you will look extremely beautiful.

For a fun night out with friends you can combine the same pair of plaid pants and a loose blouse with an exposed back. Also, don’t forget to bring a big handbag that shines and a pair of beautiful shoes, whatever you feel comfortable to dance in. Don’t forget to use a lot more jewelry when going out in a club than what you use at the office. Oversized jewelry is a great add to spice up your outfit and transform your boring elegant plaid pants into your cool dancing pants.

Next time you are out there shopping for something don’t forget the cool and versatile plaid pants that can give you the opportunity to have so many different looks.