Prada collection

The “scent of a woman” in the collection of Miuccia Prada is genuine, primary defiant, open and extravagant. In short this is a unifying message in bold shapes and silhouettes. The designer once again has captured the image of the woman from the future. In the spirit of new beginnings and related optimism, Prada offers a collection of colourful diversity in electric intensity.

According to Prada’s vision, the woman knows what she likes and what she wants. Bold colours combined with clean lines create a silhouette that shows a sense of change. The freedom of the color is symbolically captured in the limits of the stripes. Thus the women is presented as both bold and limited in her desires and dreams on one side and her duties and social role – on the other. The delicate combination of baroque patterns and floral prints with stripes in contrasting colours underline the suggestion of Prada’s collection.


The combination of blue and black represents the delicate distance and inaccessibility of the female aesthetic. Alternating green and black symbolize the will for life and creativity. On the other hand, the black stripes emphasize the individualism of the adventurous woman. Green and blue, the earth and water elements, suggest the new interpretation of elegance – traditional one, but continually renewed. Orange may be associated with lust and adultery. Good associations provoke signal yellow, deep green, vital blue and magenta. Romantic pink neutralizes the effect of the grey stripes

The collection of Miuccia Prada is impressive and warm, but it provokes also a distance and respect, creating a unique feeling for a woman. The accessories, offered by the designer in her collection are charming and original as well. Glasses make strong impression that translates the futuristic vision back to the baroque style. The hair accessories in Bohemian style require special attention. They are designed in neon colors and add class and sophistication to the clothing with an innovative manner. Typically male models shoes are offered in the collection, but they are lifted up in a platform in stripes. Ladies model in retro style are a powerful reminiscent of the platform “mania” of the 20th century.

Prada’s make up, follows completely the entire collection of minimalist trend. It creates a young boy vision with its emphasize on the brow and bone structure, without blush on the cheekbones. Metallic, distancing color shades, spread across the upper eyelid, create a sense of a distance and kind of coldness, but also of power.