Redefined Elegant Dresses

Elegant dresses have always been a staple of the fashion industry and the darlings of big designers, regardless of their individual style or approach. Few things stay the same in general, particularly in the world of fashion, however, elegant dresses, changed as they might be over the time are still one of the most interesting and imaginative individual creations of fashion designers.

Initially meant as a piece of clothing that can define your social standing, your skill in reading a social situation and your general style, elegant dresses have morphed over time, incorporating elements from all major historical events, from the tech industry’s boom, to the over sexualized media and everything in between.

Redefined Elegant Dresses

While the dress has maintained its social significance over countless decades, its form has changed in time, adapting to every rigor and influence that each year, decade and style has brought forward.

The last decades saw a pretty standard shape with changes being made only in length and size, however 2015 seems to be the start of a whole new chapter for the elegant dress as it morphs with some new influences.

There are two major trends that have taken the spotlight in 2015 when it comes to how elegant dresses might look. The first is the incredible freedom brought on by patching different materials and patterns together while the second is the bulk use of lace for dresses.

Another aspect that is worth considering is the social one, particularly as the entire social game is gearing to a more casual style, regardless of influences, and this will surely be reflected in the way dresses are perceived and designed.

Gigantic names in the world of fashion such as Gucci, Valentino or Channel are already showcasing their 2015 collections and it seems that while classic design is still a big part of the elegant dress, lace and patchwork have definitely arrived.

The lace influences are interesting adding a whole new dimension of elegance and craftsmanship to any dress while also presenting sexuality in a restraint and non-vulgar form. White lace is the most common type and it can be seen in all types of dresses in 2015, from day-to-day work outfits to elegant ones.

Patching different materials together gives designers a lot of freedom, particularly when it comes to color and design. While denim will be a big thing in 2015, this style will influence all manner of clothing and will leave its mark on elegant dresses as well.