Streetwear Bags

Mainly vintage and retro, all sorts of bags models can be seen in the street. The backpacks shapes or the ones resembling wallets will be chosen for casual and relaxed looks. The briefcase bag, in addition, will accessorize a preppy outfit and its many pockets make it very functional. Less practical – as required to be hold – but just as trendy, the trapezoidal and very, very big bags can still be seen in the street, although it did not appear on the catwalks this year. According to the greatest designers, small sizes are back in fashion and women may have to revise their ambitions if they want to carry all their daily survival kit in a purse.


Besides the eternal black and brown, best of leather, the range of colors is expanded and it now includes all shades of beige, camel and caramel, and gray. For more assertive tones, you can pick, without any hesitation, red or green and you will not be the only passer-by wearing such a bag. As it was to be expected, the Fair Isle pattern invaded the market: Norwegian motifs and embroidered tapestries with a retro feeling cover all the bag. More discreet, tartan and leopard prints are also part of the street-wear trendy handbags style.

Nails, pompoms, embossed leather handbag, quilted fabrics, straps, jewelry like chains, all these features can be found on street-wear bags. The banana shaped bag called fanny pack is no longer reserved to tourists and nerds. After being a long time hung on the neighborhood bullies, the most controversial accessory gets a makeover. Flashy denim, canvas or monogrammed leather, fanny packs can be seen nowadays not only on star and clubbers, but also on ordinary women and men. It’s no longer just an ugly, but highly functional accessory as a lot of efforts have been invested in its design.