Tie Pin – An Expression of Elegance

The tie pin is probably the most pretentious accessory a man could wear and it is often seen as a symbol of great elegance. If you want to impress and impose with your suit, you should definitely choose a tie pin to do that. Originally worn by gentlemen in the 19th century, tie pins have gained popularity in our time also and are respectable fashion accessories for men all ages.

A tie pin is usually made from a metal, but the best tie pins are usually made from gold or silver. Its major purpose is to fasten the tie and keep it next to the shirt. Nowadays, there are other methods to obtain the same effect and you can do it invisibly with the help of anunderpin.

Tie Pin

You need to make sure that your tie is straightened before applying the tie pin. Also, you need to remember that the pin has to be placed on the fourth and fifth button of the shirt. Placing it in other areas would just make your tie look weird while you are moving and it will also feel quite uncomfortable.

There are other things you need to avoid while wearing a tie pin; for example, men should always choose tie pins that are smaller than the necktie. A wider tiepin would just look really bad and ruin the whole outfit.

A tie pin can be easily overlooked, but there are some people who love to concentrate on the details of their clothing and for them a tie pin is one of the best accessories. Besides its decorative purpose, the tie pin also has a good functional purpose to help the person keep their tie in one place and avoid that annoying slide whenever they make a move.

Even if the tie pin is small, you should avoid buying a bigger one because even if it draws attention, people will just consider you have bad taste in fashion. You should invest in a high quality tie pin, it definitely helps in the long run because it’s more durable, but it will also look better than other cheapr tie pins.