What Makes Luxury Watches So Special

At the end of the day, they are still watches, so what is it that makes people spend a lot of money on luxury watches? To understand this effect, we need to think of them as more than watches because no one would pay that much just to know what time is it. The perfect example here would be Rolex watches and we will use this example throughout the article so that people can get a better idea about what we are talking about.

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A Rolex Submariner can cost around eight thousand dollars and considering that it is made of steel, it doesn’t really reflect the true value at first sight. A part of the price tag is for the quality of the watch which is pretty flawless and you wouldn’t expect anything less at this price. The quality of the movement is also very good and Rolex watches are known for being very precise but this still doesn’t add up to the full price tag. That is because most of the price is for the brand and the exclusivity that comes with it. Rolex watches offer something that can’t really be evaluated or priced, something special that can only be described as a feeling of achievement. This is why they are considered status symbols and the main reason why people buy them, because despite being great pieces of engineering, people don’t really buy them for their precision.

One of the things that make luxury watches so special is the fact that you can only see them on the world’s elite and this makes them very desirable by everyone. A good example here is when you see a nice watch on your favorite celebrity in a magazine; it always looks so good and glamorous. The advertisement also helps a lot and the world of fashion has taken the once simple watch and turned it into a must-have item; this is no recent news and it has been this way for quite a few decades, ever since the pocket-watch with a golden chain was used as a status symbol.

As long as people are looking for something unique and special and they are willing to pay a lot of money for it, luxury watches will be in demand. Brands such as Tag Heuer offer models with various material combinations that add to the style and of course, to the price; here you can find various colors of gold and even platinum. Don’t ever try to settle for Tag Heuer replica over genuine timepiece. You cannot fool many people with this and if the truth will come out… the jokes will be on you!