Women Watches Trends

Women watches trends are always changing and become more and more amazing; some of these watches are superb pieces of art that can be easily worn instead of jewelry. This makes women watches great accessories to be worn with both elegant and casual attire. 2013 models come in a big variety of styles and shapes and it seems to be something for everybody, no matter how eccentric they are.

Retro style seems to be quite popular among designers like Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Chanel, but that’s pretty obvious considering the fact that vintage jewelry is also a big trend. Also, another obvious trend features big and geometric watches, which can also be seen for most women jewelry. The large dials also need to be embedded with colorful gemstones to stand out even more.

white John Galliano watch

On the other side, minimalistic is also a big trend and with brands like Chanel and Movado that have adopted this, there is no wonder that more and more people are seen with a minimalistic watch. With black and white colors, these watches are great to wear to any occasion and with any type of outfit. The great thing about them is that they are so versatile you only need one watch.

For sports watches colorful is the main trends, and there seems to be quite a big variety of colors and color combinations. Bright colors are a trend again, after being a major trend last year’s spring and summer. Also, interesting patterns are becoming a new approach for watch designers this year. Adidas and Luis Vuitton seem to be following these new trends especially when it comes to colorful combinations and intricate patterns for their watches.

swarovski Watches

Big and with a lot of metal has also been the trend so far for trendsetters like John Galliano and Swarovski, but these watches aren’t just big, since most of the time they also come with beautiful precious jewelry in unique designs.

Floral styles, natural colors and some interesting animal print have been seen on watches from Boucheron and Fendi, and there also seems to be an obsession for colorful and bright straps. Also, unique straps are favored by designers, such as very long straps or straps that come with cool designs or patterns. All these are promising that 2013 watches will be quite unique and will allow women everywhere express their personality in a lot of ways, not to mention the fact that they will stand out through their eccentric accessories.